Jaime’s Buffet & Restaurant Review



We just love food, and we love it when it’s a buffet. At Jaime’s Buffet & Restaurant, for only P450 (EVERYTHING INCLUDED), you’ll be satisfied with a full stomach when you step out of the restaurant. You’ll then realize you ate like a viking too ;) It is a sister company of Chiyo Japanese Restaurant and Yakiniku House. They invited us to try their mouth-watering food and tell you guys how good it is. No kidding, the food is really great!

At first, we thought their price (more…)


Chiyo Japanese Resto and Yakiniku House, Review


2014204193219Chiyo (Not the Japanese anime character you see in Naruto, no) is a newly-opened Japanese restaurant here in Metro Davao which offers authentic Japanese dishes that soothes your taste buds and satisfies your urge to experience Japan, food-wise. Do they serve good food? Do they serve well? Wanna learn where we got the word “toyo” from? Let’s find out!

From the moment you enter the place (more…)


Teazelled, An Exploding Milk Tea Experience


20131125154203Another new milk tea shop has opened in Davao City, Teazelled, and it’s exploding! You might be wondering why “exploding”. This new milk tea shop has this set of flavors called “Chiller Fusion”, and what makes it explode (not literally) is its pearls. It is yummy! In fact, you have to try it so you can tell yourself! If I’m not mistaken, the owner made the pearls himself.

Their sets of hand-shaken drinks are quite cheap too! I don’t have their official price list, but for you to have an idea, their drinks ranges from P35-P55. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, milk tea, chillers, and many more. And their staff are great! Answered every question we had, and explained it as well. I see them well trained, kudos! Apparently, they only have one shop for now and it’s located at the ground floor of Victoria Plaza, near the carousel.

Here are some pics we’ve taken: (more…)

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