Special Thanks To My Friends Who Greeted Me on my Birthday Through Friendster

It is really been awhile since I’ve opened up my Friendster account to check things there. I didn’t realize that my birthday has passed by and haven’t checked my account of who has greeted me there.

I thank them very much for giving time to greet me on my birthday. I was really surprised when I saw the persons on my comment box, I didn’t expect them to greet me. Hehe.. Any ways, I dedicate this post to all those who greeted me on friendster, to MAX, pangging, jona_belle, eleni, Jessica and diane.  Yeah, all of them are girls. One proof that girls are more into friendster than men.. hehe.

Thank you guys, and sorry for not replying for like a month.. I just wasn’t able to login to friendster due to busyness.. hehe. Anyways, here I am, thanking you from the deepest of my heart :)



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