A man has roles to play in a relationship, whether in marriage or in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. He is responsible for these 3 roles that a man should understand in order to handle his relationship with others easily (If the woman agrees.. heh).

A man is the Head of the Household
Head of the Household means male sovereign, ruler of a kingdom and authority. His kingdom is the relationship he has with his wife/girlfriend and family. He should rule his kingdom, and not his wife or girlfriend. But don’t jump into a conclusion that being the king of a relationship is easy. Like Peter Parker’s Uncle said “with great power comes with great responsibility. -Ben Parker”. As the king of a relationship, he should be man enough to protect his relationship from anything that could break it, like how an armor protects a soldier.

A man is a Prophet
Now, you might be wondering what that means. Well, a prophet is a visionary. An authoritative person that divines the future as what Princeton University defined it. As a prophet, he should look forward to his relationship’s future, he has to take care of it, and decide what’s best for his relationship and its future. Have visions, set goals and reach it.

A man is a Priest
Yes, as a man this is your responsibility. The man should be the most prayerful in the family. As the Old Testament says, the priests are the ones who are in between man and God. They are the intercessors, and as the man of the family or relationship he should act like one. If he has kids, he should teach his kids the right things. Be a model; this molds the future of the children.

Now, I know women will react on this. But I wasn’t saying women aren’t important. I am just saying that as a woman, you should allow your man to be the king. Don’t take away their manhood. This will be my next article soon, when I will get to research more of the women’s role in a relationship.


I’ve got handful of good/bad experiences when it comes to relationships, name it, I’ve experienced it. Heh.  How do you or your man handle your relationship? Share it with us.


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